About Us

Thrive removes the debt and
shame-spiral so you can spend happy.


To help young people around the world create a happier and healthier relationship with money through innovation.


Eliminate the insecurity that bad debt creates by empowering the Thrive community to save, grow, and spend their money in a conscious way that helps promote abundance and prosperity.

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We started Thrive after spending years working as bankers. We felt pretty disillusioned after that experience, especially seeing how credit card debt was used as a tool of oppression. The debt spiral is real and it is freakin’ hard to recover from. And we know that because we’ve been there.


Jackie is a total sneakerhead. Jordan loves her handbags. We love to shop and we’re totally OK with it. We just wanted a better way to be able to buy. So we designed Thrive to help you save money so that you can spend it. Remove the debt, the shame spiral and spend happy. We added in a dash of technology to spice it up, because honestly...we’re lazy and hate budgeting.

Jordan Wimmer

CEO and CoFounder

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I began my career at EFG Bank in Monaco, as an Associate on the Hedge Fund Advisory team. Over the following 12 years I moved to different areas of the hedge fund industry, becoming a Director at DQN Global Capital Partners and then the youngest Partner at Nomos Capital Partners, running the European capital-raising desk out of London, England. Over this time span I raised over $1 billion for different deals, funds, and financings...

Jackie Lee

CPO and CoFounder

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I began my career in the retail banking world working for Canada’s first digital bank, Tangerine Bank (now owned by Scotiabank, one of the largest banks in the world). Hired as the youngest-ever Product Manager, I was tasked with launching the bank’s first credit card across the country. I became an expert in the inner mechanisms of how credit cards work, how banks optimize profits from the cards, and the various reward mechanisms that help to increase usage...



These are our guiding principles at Thrive - how we think about our money, our spending, and living our best life.

We’re in a crisis of debt overload.


If old fashioned budgeting worked then none of us would be in debt.


Saving money is easier when we don’t feel it.


Money should be enjoyed.


Shopping feels better without the guilt.


Working towards a goal makes it that much sweeter.